888poker Offers up to $500K in Prizes with Seize the Crown

The new “Seize the Crown” promotion from 888poker will give poker fans even more reason to step into one of the biggest real-money virtual casinos on the World Wide Web.

888poker Offers up to $500K in Prizes with Seize the Crown

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Promo Offers Incredible Opportunity

The C$10,000 Royal Crown Freeroll is the ultimate opportunity for poker players looking to get their hands on some serious cash. Every time you win a hand with royals scattered across your cards (queens or kings) – bam! You just won another free roll at our free spins tournament, where we give out prizes every night ranging from gift cards up to 1000$. So what do you say?

The ticket to winning this fantastic prize is simple and easy to enter. All you have to do is play any cash game with at least C$0.02/C$.05 or higher in stakes (depending on what type of tournament). You can also make an initial deposit worth just one dollar!

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Even if you don’t win the free roll, scratch cards are awarded, providing an opportunity to win up to C$500K! These can be picked up when someone gets royals during their turn with a royal pocket part of one kind or another while taking part in our Royal Crown Freeroll.

The jackpot is huge, and there are multiple ways to win. Participants have a 12% chance of winning C$3,2 percent for 10 dollars (or their local currency) and 0.02%. There’s also the possibility that someone will take home up to 500K!

888poker Offers up to $500K in Prizes with Seize the Crown

888poker Continues to Lead the Way

888poker’s latest promotion is a power move that will bring the best poker experience on the Web to its customers. With celebrity and professional ambassadors and years’ experience, 888 Poker has made it possible for players to enjoy these bonuses with even more added flavour by providing them at every event they attend throughout the year–a sure way not only to win but also to keep your bankroll growing!

The gaming company, formerly Pacific Poker, was founded in 2002 and has developed a strong presence worldwide, particularly in Europe. It is now expanding its brand into other global markets, such as Australia, where it obtained licenses this year for both Las Vegas casinos along with New Jersey’s Atlantic City property – two major destinations that are home to many popular U.S.-based gambling establishments already operating legally under their original state approvals or authorizations from various regulatory bodies throughout America.

The 2014 World Series of Poker was a major event for the company, with their sponsorship leading up to its most recent instalment in Las Vegas.

The 888poker brand has been associated with many high-stakes poker tournaments recently, such as the Super High Roller Bowl hosted by Poker Central. The company also partners up with the World Series Of Poker and hosts its event called “888 Live”, which is an online casino competition where players can enter without having any physical proximity required whatsoever!

This company’s Professional Poker Playing Ambassadors are a stable that includes Martin Jacobson, Chris Moorman and Dominik Nitsche. They also employ an army-like group known as the “celebrity poker playing ambassadors”, including Sofia Lovgren (SIGNING), Kara Scott Natalie Hof, Vivian Saliba Parker Talbot, and former cricketer Shane Warne UFC champion Georges St Pierre footballers Denilson & Luis Suarez.

The company has a wide variety of promotions including up to £400 in bonuses for first-time users. It also partners with major sporting leagues like the English Premier League, which just started back last week and will be offering opportunities at events soon!