Fantastic Ways to Keep a Tattoo from Fading

While a tattoo is a gorgeous piece of art that shows off your personal style, it’s also a medical procedure since a needle is used to place ink underneath your skin. Because of that, it’s essential to be diligent about aftercare so that you don’t experience infections, scarring, or fading in the future. While tattoo fading is natural, there are several ways to slow down the process and keep the vibrancy of your ink.


Make Sure the Tattoo Heals Well


The best way to prevent a fading tattoo is by making sure it heals appropriately immediately after it’s placed on your skin. While the tattoo is healing, you will notice a thin layer of skin above the work. This is a delicate layer of skin, especially on areas like the side of the ankle, the elbow, or the knee. Avoiding abrasion is the best way to ensure this skin stays intact for perfect healing.


After the layer of skin dries, it can offer many of the same sensations as a sunburn. It will look like it’s brand new, but it can sting and be itchy. This is a process that anyone with a tattoo has to go through, but in the end, it will make the tattoo even more vivid. When healing is done right, the tattoo will settle into the skin and be a part of your body.


Spend More Time Away From the Sun


Sunlight is probably the biggest culprit when it comes to tattoo fading. The more sunlight that reaches your skin, the quicker the tattoo is going to fade. The best way to prevent this issue is by having a barrier over the tattoo when you’re out in the sun. Having your tattoo protected from the sun is a must, even when you’re making a drive to work or taking a quick walk around the block. Sunlight can come through the window and alter the color of your skin as well as the tattoo.


Stay Away From Alcohol and Drugs


You probably already know that you shouldn’t drink or take drugs before getting a tattoo, and the same applies after getting it placed on your body. Avoid these types of substances on the day of the tattoo and continue to abstain throughout the healing process. The problem with drinking or taking drugs after getting a tattoo is that it can make it more likely that your tattoo will get an infection. Once you have an infection, it can cause fading or other problems with the tattoo.


Keep Your Hands Off a Healing Tattoo


Once you reach the point of healing where things start to get itchy, it can be incredibly challenging to avoid scratching. However, it’s essential to keep your hands off of the tattoo whenever possible. It’s tempting to pick at the scab over a tattoo but doing this can cause issues with the healing process. Other than applying salves or ointments, do your best to keep your hands off of your tattoo as much as possible. This will help the tattoo heal properly and prevent it from fading down the line.


A Final Solution: Try a Balm!


Salves and balms that are geared toward tattoos can help keep your skin healthy from the moment the tattoo is inked on your skin. Products like Tatted: Tattoo Care & Maintenance Balm soothe your skin while ensuring your ink stays vibrant for years to come. It’s all-natural and contains ingredients used in traditional Algonquin medicine. This salve can be used on a long-term basis to keep tattoos bright and beautiful!



Tattoo by Tyler Halle

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