Preventing Dry and Cracked Hands During the Novel Coronavirus

As the novel coronavirus continues to ravage the globe, people are spending a lot more time washing their hands. This can help with preventing the spread of the virus, but it also leads to other problems. All of that washing can lead to red, itchy, dry, painful skin on the hands. However, there are several ways to get your hands back into perfect shape while continuing your frequent hand washing routine.


Stick With Gentle Hand Soaps


If you’re using a hand wash that has both alcohol and anti-bacterial ingredients, it’s going to be harsh on your hands and lead them to dry out. There is also no reason to use this kind of soap since the friction that happens while washing your hands removes microbes from the skin. While washing your hands with soap and water throughout the day is essential, there’s no need to use harsh soaps to do so. Ensure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, and you’ll be doing fine.


Use Gloves When Cleaning and Doing Chores


When you already have dry hands from all the handwashing that you’re doing, having a pair of gloves can be a life-changer. Hand washing isn’t the only thing that can cause dry hands. Home cleaning supplies can also cause issues, and many of us are doing more cleaning now than before the pandemic set in. Whenever you’re using products that can contribute to dry, cracked skin, put on a pair of gloves first. This can help prevent dry skin as well as contact dermatitis and irritation.


Do Your Hand Washing With Lukewarm Water


Another thing to keep in mind when doing your regular hand washing is that there’s no need to use freezing or scalding water. It doesn’t help with removing germs; it only creates a less comfortable situation. Using hot water instead of warm water is also known to dry out the skin on your hands even more. So turn down the temperature a little bit, make sure you’re comfortable, and know that your hand washing will still serve its purpose.


Consider the Items in Your Space


While it may not be the only cause of dry skin, the environment can also have an impact. If you are located in an area where it’s cold outside and there’s little humidity, you might need to heat the home with a furnace. The problem with this is that heating the home also dries out the air. If this is something you’re dealing with, purchasing a humidifier can help fight the dry air to keep your skin in better shape.


Avoid Products with Fragrances


If you already have sensitive, chapped skin, the worst thing you can do is apply a product with fragrance to it. In addition, creams and ointments tend to work better on dry skin than traditional lotions do. Using too much hand sanitizer can also dry out chapped skin and make things worse. While there are some hand sanitizers that have a moisturizer base, they aren’t going to work at killing viruses as well as the traditional version.


Use a Barrier Balm to Keep Your Hands Smooth and Safe


One of the best products to use for dry, cracked hands during COVID-19 is Shields Up: Barrier Balm. This anti-bacterial salve was created for use after typical soap and water hand washing. Since hand washing is now more critical than ever, it can lead to cracked and dried hands. With Shields Up, you can replenish damaged skin while taking advantage of its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties to keep yourself safe and healthy.



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