Quick and Easy Ways to Prevent Diaper Rash

At some point in an infant or toddler’s life, it’s likely that they will experience a diaper rash. This refers to a skin irritation that happens in the area of the body that is covered by diapers. Most of the time, the first signs of diaper rash are small red bumps on the upper thighs, genitals, buttocks, or lower abdomen. While diaper rash typically isn’t serious, it can be uncomfortable. That’s why knowing how to prevent it is so important.


The Causes of Diaper Rash


Before we get into how to prevent diaper rash, it’s a good idea to know why it happens in the first place. In most cases, diaper rash occurs when a diaper is left on for an extended period of time. When a wet diaper is left on, it leaves moisture on the skin and the urine can irritate the sensitive areas of a child’s body. Leaving on a diaper filled with stool can also cause harm and damage the child’s skin.


As soon as the protective barrier of the skin is broken, the area is going to be more likely to become irritated. This is what causes pain and redness and can even leave a pathway to yeast or bacteria that can create an infection on a small body.


Change Diapers on a Frequent Basis


The number one tip for preventing diaper rash is to remove dirty or wet diapers as quickly as possible. By removing the soiled or wet diaper immediately, it’s much less likely that the urine can irritate the skin and start a rash. Those who use child care should also be sure that babysitters and staff members know to do the same thing. Simply following this one tip is the biggest priority to prevent diaper rash.


Rinse Your Child After a Change


Rinsing your child’s bottom off after a diaper is changed is also essential. This can be done using a water bottle, a tub, or even the sink. Baby wipes, wet washcloths, and cotton balls can also be used to clean the skin, but it’s essential to be gentle. It’s best to avoid wipes that have a fragrance or use alcohol since this can further irritate the skin. Those who use soap should choose a mild version without a fragrance.


Allow Your Child Time Out of the Diaper


If the option is available, give your baby some time to hang out without wearing a diaper. Letting air reach the skin is a gentle and natural way to dry it off after a change. If you want to ensure there are no messes or accidents, lay the baby on a large beach towel and indulge in playtime with the child while they are out of their diaper.


Make Sure Diapers Aren’t Overly Tight


Once it’s time to replace the diaper, you don’t want to put it on too tightly. When the diaper is overly tight, airflow can’t reach the skin. This creates an environment that is more likely to create a diaper rash. Having an overly tight diaper on a child can also create chafing on the thighs or waist.


When Diaper Rash Happens, Have the Right Product on Hand


While there are numerous ways to prevent diaper rash, it’s likely to happen at one time or another. When it does, make sure you have a product on hand to help with the issue. Baby Bum Balm is a soothing diaper balm that comes in a golden color and a soft texture that babies will enjoy. It works well at stopping diaper rash as soon as you notice it.









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