Several Reasons to Add a Hand Moisturizer to Your Daily Routine

Many people use a moisturizer on their face, but having one that works on the hands can also be useful. Your hands are one of the most essential body parts for communication, tasks, and more. Caring for them by using the right lotion or balm can improve their appearance and ensure your skin is healthy and glowing. Nobody wants to look down and see damaged, chapped hands but there are several reasons that keeping your hands soft is useful in everyday life.


Offers an Additional Way to Keep Your Hands Clean


Even when you look down at your hands and see nothing but pristine skin, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t germs there. Germs can build up on the skin immediately after drying your hands following handwashing. When you apply a salve or balm to your hands, it offers anti-bacterial ingredients that help keep germs and bacteria from taking over your skin.


Lets You Give Off a Great First Impression


When you’re meeting someone for the first time, a handshake is often part of the process. Even worse than a limp handshake is a handshake that involves scaly, dry skin. It’s essential to have a firm handshake and equally essential to make eye contact but dry skin can leave a bad taste in the mouth of the person you are meeting. First impressions only happen once, so you want to be sure you ace it.


Potential to Relieve Stress


Having the option to indulge in self-care when the day gets stressful or challenging is something that too many people aren’t prepared for. Having your favorite hand salve offers an easy to carry option to give you a bit of relaxation when it matters the most. Just applying the product can help ease tension and calm your nerves. It’s all about self-care and taking a moment to bring back your confidence and drive, no matter what your day holds.


Enjoy Smoother, Softer Skin


The ingredients in most hand creams and salves are created to treat dryness. These same ingredients also help flatten tiny cracks in the skin that make your hands look rough and feel sensitive. This is exceptional since it helps your skin the moment you put it on, but it also keeps working beyond that point to keep your skin soft and smooth for any situation.


Provides Help to Your Nails


Most salves and creams that are created to make your skin soft and supple are also going to benefit your fingernails at the same time. When you massage your hands with a salve on a daily basis, you can also manipulate it on your cuticles. This can help you build stronger, healthier, and longer nails. With this two in one formula, it makes skin creams an even better value than you might have expected.


Assists with Combating Aging


One of the first places where aging is seen is in the hands. This is because the skin there is some of the most delicate and thinnest on the human body. Your hands spend as much time in the elements as your face does. When you use a hand salve or cream, it helps with skin elasticity and moisture levels while preventing wrinkles, pigmentation, and dehydration.


Why Try Shields Up: Barrier Balm


Shields Up: Barrier Balm is a product that acts as a salve after handwashing with soap and water. With COVID-19 out in the world, this product is useful for keeping your hands moisturized and soft even when you need to wash your hands frequently. It includes anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that protect your skin even after you wash your hands. Stay safe and keep your skin in great shape with this all-natural salve.



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