Steps to Take When Your Child Experiences Diaper Rash

Regardless of how careful you are as a parent, at some point, your child is likely to experience a diaper rash. Thankfully, there are ointments and creams that can be used to alleviate this problem. There are also tips and tricks to prevent diaper rash before it ever gets started. If your child is already experiencing a diaper rash, you likely want to take care of it immediately. Below are some tips for getting through the process without a hitch.


Make Sure to Change Diapers Often


If your infant has a diaper rash, it’s more important than ever to be sure diapers are changed as quickly as possible when they become wet or soiled. The longer a dirty or wet diaper stays on, the more irritation that the little one will experience due to their diaper rash. Since the goal is to get the tot feeling better quickly, make sure to change their diapers as often as needed to keep them comfortable and dry.


Consider Changing Detergents or Diaper Brands


With children who frequently get a diaper rash, it might be caused by a sensitivity to a specific product. Certain baby wipes or a brand of diapers may be triggering the rash to come back. For those who use cloth diapers, this kind of reaction can also be caused by the type of laundry detergent that you use. Choosing a detergent without a scent and a lack of harsh chemicals may help with clearing up recurring or long-lasting rashes.


Let the Area Get Some Air


When a baby has a diaper rash, the best way to help the healing process is by letting them spend a little time without a diaper or pants on so the area can dry out. Also, it’s best to avoid putting a child in rubber, tight, or synthetic pants while a diaper rash is present. Try dressing the baby in a loose bottom made out of cotton so the rash can stay dry and the skin will be able to breathe.


Step Away from the Baby Wipes


Baby wipes are a wonderful invention and perfect for keeping a baby’s diaper area clean. However, when a child has a diaper rash, the wipes can cause extra irritation. When an infant has a rash, skip the wipes and instead clean the area using soap and water. Then use a soft cloth to pat the child dry. If wipes have to be used, go for natural options without scents for the best results. These are less likely to cause irritation on sensitive body parts.


Don’t Scrub the Area with the Rash


You want to be sure that the baby’s diaper area is dry and clean, especially if they have an itchy and uncomfortable case of diaper rash. Just remember that gentle cleaning is the best option. If you scrub too hard or rub too much, it can make the rash even more irritated. This can lead to skin damage and make the rash even more severe.


The Top Product to Solve All Your Diaper Rash Woes


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