Tips and Tricks for Soft & Supple Skin Throughout the Day

Having smooth, radiant skin is a pursuit that many people have. You only have to look at the various skincare trends and products to see how important this is to many people. When you have a regular skincare routine, that can do a lot to keep you looking your best in any situation. However, there are many other things that you can implement during your day to have the best skin possible.


Take a Look at Your Current Diet


Everyone knows that fast food and snacks are typically bad for you but what you might not know is that they can also lead to skin inflammation. One way to perk up your skin is by making sure your diet includes brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Fish is another excellent dish since it’s a source of fatty acids that make your skin smoother and more radiant. Choose foods high in vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc for the best results.


Make Sure to Get Plenty of Sleep


Being stressed out can damage the skin, especially if you aren’t getting enough sleep and relaxation. The body repairs itself and recovers from the excitement of your day while you sleep, so not getting enough can cause premature aging. If you aren’t sleeping enough, you may notice that your skin looks dry, sunken, or sallow. Making sleep a priority is an excellent way to ensure your skin looks its best every morning when you get out of bed.


Engage in Regular Forms of Exercise


Now that we’ve talked about diet and sleep, it’s time to talk about exercise. This is a must for a healthy lifestyle and can also contribute to smoother skin. When you exercise, it causes more blood to pump through your vessels, which offers healing to the skin of your face. Regular exercise also helps reduce inflammation, prevent damage from free radicals, and regulates hormones associated with the skin.


Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day


Water should be your go-to thirst quencher if you are looking to keep your skin glowing and healthy. As you drink more water, your skin cells become plumper and more hydrated at the same time. This lets all the processes of your cells work at full efficiency. It’s recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day along with eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables.


Get Out of the Sun and Embrace the Shade


Everyone knows that UV radiation is terrible for the skin. Most skin damage found in older adults is caused by experiencing a lifetime of sun exposure without proper protection. Using broad-spectrum sun protection is the best protection to keep your skin looking its best. This applies both in the summer and the winter since the sun’s rays can reach you after reflecting on the snow.


Don’t Forget to Exfoliate Your Skin


Mild exfoliation combined with cleansing will give your skin a radiant and smoother appearance. It removes surface dead skin cells and lets light reflect off of your skin. Exfoliation can be done by hand or through chemical means. Even if you already use peels and scrubs, don’t forget the most important body parts: your feet and hands. A scrub can smooth your feet and legs, which might otherwise develop calluses and roughness.


Keep Your Hands Smooth and Soft with Shields Up


When you want to keep all of your skin at its best, you can’t forget your hands. Shields Up: Barrier Balm is an antibacterial salve that can be used after handwashing to keep your hands soft and smooth. With COVID-19 making handwashing more critical than ever, it can result in dry skin. Shields Up will repair the damaged skin to protect your hands each time you wash them.



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