Woman In The Moon Baby Bum Balm for Baby's Sensitive Skin – Safe, Natural Skin Care – Moisturizing Balm to Promote Skin Health (1 Pack)

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Designed for the softest substance ever created, this balm keeps baby skin supple and moisturized. Created specifically to soothe and pamper the soft skin of a baby’s bum, Baby Bum Balm keeps sensitive skin extra soft and moisturized. The balm uses natural ingredients to relieve skin that is itchy or irritated, whether it’s found on baby or mom.

    Tested for use with diapers of all kinds: Baby Bum Balm has been tested by real parents and offers an excellent experience for children’s delicate skin. It works with disposable diapers as well as cloth diapers to create a solution that works for all babies and their parents. We’re dedicated to offering a product that works for everyone who needs it.

    Exquisite texture and coloring: This balm for babies is the perfect solution for all your baby’s skin needs. The balm comes in a mesmerizing golden color and has a soft texture that children will enjoy having applied. The scent is light and dreamy to create a sense of rest and relaxation that parents will appreciate.

    Capable of halting diaper rash in its tracks: This soft balm has all the top ingredients to stop diaper rash as soon as you notice it. It works to protect and soothe your child from any discomfort associated with this common baby issue. Baby Bum Balm will start working at the first signs of redness to ensure a rash doesn’t have time to fully form.

    It can also be used for cradle cap: The balm is formulated to help with diaper rash but it also has the right properties to assist with cradle cap. The combination of ingredients will help soften flakes on your baby’s sensitive scalp so you can wash them off. This wonder balm also works on any dry skin to make it a versatile option for all your needs.

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