Shields Up: Hand Barrier Balm by Woman In The Moon

  • $24.95

Stay hydrated after hand-washing: This salve by Woman in the Moon was created to keep your hands soft and supple after frequent hand-washing. It features a variety of ingredients that soothe damaged skin and keep you looking and feeling your best, no matter what the day throws at you.

Perfect for flu season: With more people washing their hands regularly, Shields Up: Hand Barrier Balm is the answer to the dry hands that can result from that. 

Made for hands but useful on any dry skin: While this balm was made for use on hands that are rough and dry, it can also be used on other parts of the body. The all-natural, organic ingredients make this product a must-have for your daily routine. Simply place a bit of the salve onto your hand and rub it into the skin for a little extra moisture whenever you need it.

Created using all-natural ingredients: When using Shields Up: Hand Barrier Balm, you’ll want to know the applied ingredients come from traditional Algonquin remedies. These ancient ingredients have been reinvented to create modern products that meet the needs of the world today. With only organic ingredients, you can trust this balm to moisten and soothe your skin without side effects.

Hand salve that offers something extra: This salve provides the luxurious feeling you want on your hands while keeping you protected. Anyone who wants to stay clean and healthy can add this product to their post hand-washing routine to ensure health and happiness.